About the Author

Joel Blaeser is the author of the non-fiction autobiographical drama "Letters from Marion", from Big House Publishing Inc (2015).

Joel isn't running 3 international corporations, doesn't speak five languages, and the only board meetings he attends are on waves.  He lives a vivaciously healthy lifestyle incorporating pure raw food, "prison aerobics", gratitude journaling, and prayer and meditation into an easy to follow daily routine based on techniques that were conceived and birthed during his 23 hour a day lockdown at USP Marion. He also teaches these techniques to private clients and groups in the greater Los Angeles area. Joel enjoys sobriety and helping others achieve the same. Joel volunteers full time at the Los Angeles mission as a public outreach specialist, helping ex-offenders reintegrate into society through a 13 month rehabilitation program. He also consults private clients about the finer points of real estate development and old building resotration. Since getting released from prison, Joel has owned, restored, and sold thirty eight pieces of property - making and losing millions, and eventually going bankrupt in 2009. He draws upon his broad range of experiences when teaching new clients sophisticated real estate money making strategies, or how to stay sober no matter what.

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